Rudolph Giuliani

Former New York City Mayor

Raymond Kelly

Former Commissioner, New York Police Department

Fred Siegel

Contributing Editor, City Journal

Sy Fliegel

Founder, Center for Education Innovation

Robert Doar

Former Commissioner, New York Department of Human Resources

Anthony P. Coles

Former Deputy Mayor, Planning, Education and Cultural Affairs

Peter Cove

Founder, America Works

Dan Biederman

President, Biederman Redevelopment Ventures

Joe Klein

Journalist & Best-Selling Author

Seth Barron

Editor, American Mind & Author

Nicole Gelinas

Senior Fellow & Contributing Editor, City Journal

Brian Anderson

Editor, City Journal

R.P. Eddy

CEO of Ergo & Counter-Terrorism Expert

John Burnett

Founder, 1 Empire Group

Peter Vallone

Former Speaker, New York City Council

William Bratton

Former Commissioner, New York Police Department

Joel Klein

Former Chancellor, Department of Education

Jason Turner

Former Commissioner, New York Department of Human Resources

Lee Bowes

CEO, America Works

Louis Anemone

Former Chief of Department, New York Police Department

Richard Weinberg

former General Counsel, The New York City Council

Jerry Salama

Former Director, Housing Preservation and Development

Michael Goodwin

Columnist, New York Post

Larry Mone

Former President, Manhattan Institute

Ray Domanico

Director of Education Policy, Manhattan Institute

Heather Mac Donald

Best-selling Author & Senior Fellow, Manhattan Institute

Robert Bradlow



Matthew Taylor

Director and Writer

Matthew Taylor

Director and Writer

Matthew Taylor is an American artist and technologist who works in film, sculpture, and photography.

Taylor was classically training in painting, drawing, art history and theory, but moved into filmmaking in the late 90’s while still in art school. Starting with short concept films, digital installations, music videos and fashion films, Taylor eventually started making documentaries.

As a filmmaker, Taylor has filmed all over the world in 25 countries including Argentina, Guatemala, Poland, Italy, France, Chili, Germany, and Albania. He has conducted interviews with a range of talent including former presidents, leading CEOs, world leaders, groundbreaking artists, best-selling authors, astronauts, and creative thinkers. To date, he has completed more than 150 short films, fashion works, ballet and dance pieces and directed seven feature documentaries and two short films.

In 2015, Taylor wrote and directed Los Abandonados, a Spanish-language feature documentary about the assassination of Alberto Nisman in Argentina. The film aided in the derailment of Kristina Kirchner’s crony government.

In 2020, Taylor released Marcel Duchamp: The Art of The Possible, a feature length documentary on the life and work of Marcel Duchamp, exploring the critical underpinnings of art in the 20th and 21st centuries.

Last year, Taylor directed a short film entitled Invisible Hand which explores the nature of memory and transference of other’s memories, and the physiological toll trauma exerts on one’s ability to recall events.

Taylor possesses a filmmaking skill set that ranges across every aspect of film production from director of photography to editor. He enjoys being “hands on” in all production projects and will pick up the camera himself to get certain shots.

He is currently working on a conceptual art-rock album Arcadia Sky as well as a mock-u-mentary to accompany the album’s release and is in pre-production on a new narrative feature film.

Michelle Taylor


Michelle Taylor


Michelle Taylor is the co-founder of Electrolift Creative, a creative boutique that produces documentaries, short films, and other creative content.

Taylor got her start in the film industry in Washington, D.C. when she joined a growing nonprofit and managed the marketing and distribution of feature-length films. In 2008, Taylor joined a national consulting firm as the Executive Vice President where she worked with dozens of clients to help them attain revenue goals, implement strategic plans, increase visibility, build coalitions, and improve messaging. Taylor has spoken at numerous conferences around the country and published several articles on these topics.

Turning her attention to film, Taylor produced several short films, commercials, and music videos. Her first feature documentary was Los Abandodos, a Spanish language investigative film that uncovered the truth behind Alberto Nisman’s death in Argentina.

In 2020, Taylor produced the award-winning documentary, Marcel Duchamp: Art of the Possible. She oversaw filming in four countries, seven states and interviews with 29 artists and scholars. To date, this film has screened in over 35 international film festivals, was co-produced by Arte in France and Germany, and screened on SkyTV in the United Kingdom and on public television in ten countries, including Poland, Japan, Taiwan, and Brazil.

Taylor is also the producer of the short drama, Invisible Hand, which was released in 2021 and has screened in over 20 film festivals. She produced the film, Gotham: The Fall and Rise of New York as well as the short film series, This is New York. Looking ahead, Taylor is working on pre- production of a narrative comedy as well as the mockumentary, This is Arcadia Sky.

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